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Packing Tips

People generally don't move very often, but when it comes time, its important that the move is safe, organized and as stress free as possible. To help you achieve those ends we've designed a list of packing tips based on our 15 years of experience in the business.

Get rid of unwanted items before you move

  1. Throw away all unwanted items from the garage, backyard and attic about 4 weeks ahead of your move.
  2. Collect unneeded items from storage areas and closets and either donate them to charity or sell them at a yard sale.
  3. Dispose of hazardous materials such as paint at hazardous waste sites.

Gather packing supplies

  1. Gather all supplies for your move including boxes, tape, newsprint, bubble wrap and labels.
  2. Use dish pack boxes and newsprint for wrapping and packing dishware and other fragile items. (See our supplies page for more information).

Check your homeowners insurance

  1. Contact your insurance agent to see if your household items are covered during your move.

Pack least needed items first

  1. In each room of your home, pack the least needed items first.
  2. Set aside valuable or important items such as passports, licenses, checkbooks, medical records, jewelry and currency and pack all of these valuables together in one box to keep with you.

Keep packing organized

  1. After you've packed a box, write the room where it belongs and write a box number on the box.
  2. Write the box number in a notebook and list the items that the box contains.
  3. Mark the box FRAGILE if it contains breakable items.

Exercise caution with fuels

  1. Empty excess fuel from lawn mowers, propane gas cylinders and other gas containers.
  2. Keep empty fuel containers away from, and packed separately from lighters and matches.

How to Prepare for Moving

The key way to prepare for moving is organization. Besides the foremost goal of having all of your possessions arrive safely at your new location, your main concern will be identification and proper placement of each of your belongings in its new space, especially those items that are not visible because they are packed away in cardboard boxes. Our methodical system of packing, marking, loading, and unloading helps you prepare for moving in a way that ensures you will quickly and easily locate your desired items in the rooms you designate, for stress-free unpacking in your new home or office. Call us today!


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